What We Do

With the WaterCombo, we add value to two of the most important things in your life - your family's health and your home's net worth. By eliminating harmful chemicals and damaging scale from your water we provide bottled-water quality to every tap and appliance in your home.

The Political Reality?

As you are considering the WaterCombo, here are some things to keep in mind. The EPA does not consider chlorine a water contaminant. Although this is patently absurd, it is also politically expedient and not likely to change any time soon. (Keep in mind that all EPA maximum contaminant allowable are politically negotiated figures that do not necessarily have no basis in reality. They represent a compromise between the ideal and what can practically be done by water treatment plants.) Chlorine removal is what carbon is bast at, and nothing else equals carbon's ability to remove water contaminants.

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